Joining Netflix

A lot has changed since I last wrote.

In April 2018 I accepted a position at Netflix as a Senior Software UI Engineer. And what a ride it's been. The caliber of folks that work here is something I have never seen before – everyone is a rockstar.

Working in a fast paced, high performing culture has its ups and downs. It is no secret that you must quickly become a needle-mover for the business. High impact is a matter of fact, a necessity for continued employment. There just isn't room for mediocrity. This shouldn't scare you, though; the stakes are communicated well before you interview.

I mentioned there were upsides too – many of them. With high performance comes growth, stimulation, challenge, and opportunity. What could be better than the chance to impact a hundred million people through your work? Netflix employees do not suffer from workplace woes like boredom or complacency. We thrive in uncertainty and see obstacles as a challenge to be solved.

I am very grateful to work here. I am grateful that both my technical and non-technical skills have grown exponentially in a short 7 months. My new job checklist was short – money, stimulation, and growth; Netflix generously checks all three.

The stakes are high but the reward is sweet.

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